Cheapest spraying company in Riyadh

Ahmed Hamdy 12. April 2019 - 16:55

1. Permethrin dustThis chemical gives immediate results. It is a natural insecticide that stays active for longer periods of time. is not only effective for termites but also for ants, ticks, wasps, bagworms, beetles, etc. This is one of the favorite chemicals for homeowners and professionals. Arsenic dustThis is again an effective chemical for termite washing. a termite touches arsenic dust, the termites from the same colony may become prey. Arsenic dust is carnivorous. This means that the chemical will move from dead termites to other insects that feed on them. CAUTION: Keep wood that does not get wet wood can be the biggest cause of termite outbreaks. Termites require an environment that has the appropriate temperature and humidity. Always check whether the floor and wooden doors are to avoid termite attack. Dry wood will usually dry termites.

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